Farm Show

Virtual Pennsylvania Farm Show Makes History

We all know and love the Pennsylvania Farm Show as being a gathering of the Commonwealth at the Farm Show Complex; Nine days of delicious food, agricultural education, competitive demonstrations, and triumphant exhibitors. The 2021 show was no exception. Though it looked different, it brought with it many new
opportunities and reached visitors from around the world.
The 2021 Virtual Pennsylvania Farm Show, held January 8-16, began with the live reading of the original good night story, Daddy, Why Can’t We Go to the PA Farm Show? by Mary Klaus.

This year’s show was broadcast live on the Pennsylvania Farm Show Facebook page
(@pafarmshow) and on The Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN). The Pennsylvania Farm Show website also included virtual exhibits and online interactive activities.
Visitors of the show were able to engage in traditional events such as:
The National Anthem
FFA Mid-Winter Convention
Calving Corner
Duckling Pond and a Live Hive
Daily Cooking Demonstrations
Penn State’s Educational Seminars with plenty of room for all to view.

New events and activities introduced:
Daily Farm Tours
Farm Show History lessons
Stake Holder Panel Discussions
Pennsylvania Farm Show Trail
‘Butter Up’ Sculpture
Pennsylvania Pairings
Youth STEM Demo’s